“Susan believed in me, and my potential, before I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. She coaches from a world of
possibilities, of proof by past successes, of new belief systems, of hope and vision.”
“She sees the dreams possible and has an endless array of tools and tips and stories and research to push resistance out of the way. She is a support-system: teacher; coach; cheer-leader; and parameter-expander on steroids! (healthy, all natural steroids of course…)”
“I call her ‘The Shape Shifter’ because my shape – mentally and physically – has dramatically shifted! Thank you!”
Debra Fisher Goldstein

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You Can Do It Too!

I am excited to share this information with you.
Now it’s your turn to transform your body! This program will teach you:

  • The secrets of naturally thin people
  • How to change your mindset from failure to success
  • How to change your eating habits so you do not need to “diet” to lose weight
  • How to identify and release limiting beliefs
  • What types of exercise are best for YOU, so you will stick with it
  • How to become a master of the Law of Attraction (what the movie The Secret didn’t tell you)
  • Powerful – but simple – techniques to release your negative beliefs which sabotage your best efforts.
  • How to change your emotional response to food
  • The power of your intention
  • Exciting research about nutrition
  • Easy and effective methods to release fat and increase energy through nutritional cleansing
  • How to access your intuition to determine the best foods for you
  • How Feng Shui can help you lose weight (your space and your stuff affects you more than you realize!)
  • How to utilize your brain’s powerhouse – the subconscious mind
  • The 4 steps to manifest your desires (not just weight-loss … any desire you have, in any area of your life!)

You can do it too!