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My Story – The Turning Point

My girlfriend Alicia gave me a 2-week free pass to a Nautilus gym which included exercise machines and a trainer. After just a couple of visits I started to see tiny changes in my arms and waistline. I started to get excited about the potential of actually changing my body! My mantra of “I’m so fat” changed to “I can do this! – I can change my body!”

I started to watch how Alicia ate. She was naturally thin – tiny, actually – and she didn’t eat because she was stressed or depressed or to create “happiness”. She ate when she was hungry, and she selected different foods than I ate.

Alicia ate and behaved like a thin person! I started to model her behavior, and the more I did, the easier it became to make more consistently positive choices. The more I saw changes in my body, the more excited I became about my goal of a thin, fit, and healthy body.

I did eventually lose the excess weight, but it wasn’t easy to keep it off. I was eating a healthier diet and I was exercising consistently, but sometimes my emotions and thoughts would cause me to sabotage my best efforts.

I realize now that I had low self-esteem and limiting beliefs about what I deserved or what I was capable of. If only I knew then what I know now! (story continued)

Are you ready for your turning point?